Resources & Links

Imaging Standards

GLOBAL Digitization Standards on image content, size, naming, etc.
Global Plants Initiative Cryptogam Photo Guidelines (GPI) guidelines for lichens, bryophytes, and fungi
GLOBAL Storage Types of storage types by collection for GLOBAL collaborators

Imaging Workflows

Arizona State University (ASU), image processing, and OCR
University of Colorado, Boulder (COLO) Vascular:
Digitization workflow for vascular plants, Tri-Trophic TCN, and 1st Bryophyte/Lichen TCN
Duke University Lichens (DUKE) set-up and workflow for imaging specimens only
The Field Museum (F) home photography workstation for labels
Louisiana State University (LSU) instructions including image processing
New York Botanical Gardens (NY) capture and processing
University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TENN) imaging workflow
University of Wisconsin, Madison (WIS) imaging workflow
LBCC TCNWorkflow:
Digitization workflow from 1st Bryophyte/Lichen TCN
iDigBio with workflow modules for each stage of digitization
Capturing California’s Wildflowers TCN (CAP) manual including imaging, transcription, georeferencing, etc.
Australasian Herbaria type specimens of algae,
bryophytes, fungi and lichens:
guidelines for Australasian herbaria
Global Plants Initiative (GPI) of Bryophyte and Lichen Types – workflows from la Ville de Genève (G), University of Helsinki (H), the Paris Herbarium (P), and Swedish Museum of Natural History (S)
National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) Bryophyte digitizing procedure including focus bracketing

Equipment Recommendations

Arizona State University (ASU) Equipment/Software:
Detailed review of equipment and software; Note on additional helpful tools
Louisiana State University (LSU) of imaging setup
New York Botanical Gardens (NY) equipment specifications with links and prices
Oregon State University (OSU) station overview
ColorGauge Color Targets from herbarium Listserv
5 cm Scalebar scalebar can be edited to add institution name


CNALH Barcode Renamer (ASU) reads images and renames with barcode
CNALH BCRWatcher (ASU) reads images and renames with barcode and also allows for skeletal metadata entry during imaging
LBCC Workflow AppFiles:
Install Video:
Use Video:
Skeletal Data entry application developed during the 1st LBCC
Barcode Renamer Script (DUKE) adds image of barcode onto specimen image

Skeletal Data Entry

Symbiota Skeletal Data EntryPDF:
Guide for entering skeletal data directly in Symbiota portals
Skeletal Data Spreadsheet spreadsheet for recording skeletal data
LBCC Workflow AppFiles:
Install Video:
Use Video:
Skeletal Data entry application developed during the 1st LBCC

Additional Resources

iDigBio Imaging References to wide range of imaging resources for multiple collection types

If you have any questions or other resources to add, please email Miranda Zwingelberg at: