Resources & Links

Transcription Resources

Margaret H. Fulford Herbarium (CINC) Digitization Manual to transcribing in Symbiota from CINC
Symbiota Database Manual (COLO) to transcribing in Symbiota from COLO
The Key to the Cabinets: Building and Sustaining a Research Database for a Global Biodiversity Hotspots: Editing Standards to transcribing in Symbiota from FLAS
Guide to Using a
Symbiota-based Portal (CAP TCN) to transcribing in Symbiota from CAP TCN
MAM Transcription Cheat Sheet reference for transcribing in Symbiota from MAM TCN
Darwin Core Resource on Darwin Core standard
How to decipher unfamiliar
handwriting: A short introduction to palaeography guide on transcribing handwritten labels from the Natural History Museum, London

Collector Information

Harvard University Herbaria – Index of Botanists list of botanists – can filter by name, specialty, country
Collector Signatures List List of collector names with images of their signatures – alphabetically by last name
Global Plants Initiative Designation Identifier of botanists by name and locality with images of signatures *Archived website – not all links are functional
Searchable Collector Names Reference (MAM Website) list of collectors from the Herbarium of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Searchable list of collectors

Searchable images of collector signatures

Bryophyte/Lichen Portal Term Lists

Portal Geography – Country, State, County lists of countries, states, and counties with codes from portals
Portal Geography – Country only lists of countries with codes from portals
Portal Languages lists of languages with codes from portals
Bryophyte Exsiccatae Index of exsiccati from bryophtye portal
Lichen Exsiccatae Index of exsiccati from lichen portal

Country/Location/Language-Specific References Type foreign language letters to copy and paste
List of Alternate Country Names – Wikipedia names and initialisms for all nations, countries, and sovereign states, in English and any predominant or official languages
German exonyms – WikipediaGerman exonyms – WikipediaLists of German names for non-German localities by country
German place + names former Czechoslovakia
Link of historic and current names for this region
List of German exonyms for places in Estonia – Wikipedia of German names for Estonian locations
List of German exonyms for places in Latvia – Wikipedia of German names for Latvian locations
Names of Lithuanian places in other languages – Wikipedia of names of Lithuanian places in other languages
List of German names for places in Poland – Wikipedia of German names for Polish localities
Irish Hill and Mountain Names of names of hills and mountains in Ireland
Mountain Views, Hill-walking website for island of Ireland website of Irish hills, mountains, islands, and coastal features.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About German Typefaces and background information on German typefaces
Japan Databasing Guide
Link to Japanese place names
Japanese Provinces to Prefectures of historical Japanese provinces with modern prefecture names
Techniques for Translating Herbarium Specimen Labels on tips for transcribing Handwritten German 
One World Nations Online – Historic Country Names of historic country / region names with current geography
Herbarium Junkies Facebook Group that can help with tough labels
Google Translate
A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin list of Latin botanical terms
CNALH Glossary glossary of lichen terminology including Latin terms

Taxonomy Resources

Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) collaborative encyclopedia intended to document all of the living species known to science
Tropicos accessible botanical database organizing millions of plant specimens, images, and bibliographic references, from the Bioinformatics Department at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Index Fungorum project to index all formal names in the fungus kingdom
McyoBank database, documenting new mycological names and combinations, eventually combined with descriptions and illustrations. It is run by the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures fungal biodiversity center in Utrecht
International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) organization founded to promote, support and facilitate taxonomic, systematic and nomenclatural research into algae, fungi and plants
World Flora Online, web-based compendium of the world’s plant species
Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) on species names and their hierarchical classification
The Bryophyte Nomenclator ( searchable comprehensive list of accepted bryophyte names

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