Resources & Links

Photo By: Todd Widhelm


Symbiota Help Page Symbiota support page
Symbiota Docs of help files and guides
Symbiota YouTube Channel demos for checklists, vouchers, and printing labels
Lichen Portal Help & ResourcesEnglish:
Helpful guides on multiple portal tasks
Guide to Using a
Symbiota-based Portal (CAP TCN) developed to instruct users of the CCH2 Portal in basic use of the portal and its many available tools.
Portal Management Plan Guide with pros / cons for Live, Snapshot, and Hybrid management
Packet Printing Tool for Bryophytes and LichensVideo:
Instructions on printing customizable packets for bryophyte and lichen specimens from the portals.

Quality Control

Taxonomic Name Cleaner to cleaning taxonomic names in the portal
Data Cleaning Tools on using Duplicate Record, Geography, and Taxonomic Name Cleaning Tools in the portal

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