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Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers – and GLOBAL team members – who participated in our GLOBAL WeDigBio events last week! Together you helped to transcribe data from almost 2,500 specimens and add barcodes to over 8,000! Join us again next October! If you’re interested in helping out before then, consider joining our Friday transcription group (register here).

Recordings of the four presentations can be found below:

“Mada-Lichen Project: Metagenomic DNA Barcoding of lichenized fungi in one of the world’s most endemic biodiversity hotspots” – Todd Widhelm (Field Museum)

Recording of the presentation; Passcode: &@9y&nmD

“Updating the University of Cincinnati Herbarium: A Tour of a Collection in the Midst of an Upgrade” – Eric Tepe (University of Cincinnati)

Recording of the presentation; Passcode: &@9y&nmD

“Herbarium Collector Spotlight – M. Monet” – Miranda Zwingelberg (University of Tennessee)

Recording of the presentation; Passcode: ^S@7&.za

“GLOBAL TCN @ TENN Herbarium”: Cruz Gouveia (University of Tennessee)

Recording of the presentation

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