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Thank you to all of our amazing WeDigBio volunteers!

Over 80 people participated during our two GLOBAL days and more than 200 assisted throughout the Field Museum’s four-day event. Together these volunteers helped us to transcribe over 6,000 bryophyte and lichen specimens!

The WeDigBio event included tours of collections, presentations from scientists and students, and a lot of transcription! In a fittingly “GLOBAL” fashion, participants joined us from across the US and around the globe, including dedicated guests from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sweden!

This specimen data is now available to researchers, educators, and students around the world on the Bryophyte and Lichen Portals!

We hope to see you all in April 2022 for the next WeDigBio event. If you would like to continue to help us with the project in the meantime, see the Volunteer Page for newly added GLOBAL labels ready for transcription.

All bryophyte and lichen records posted from our seven participating collections were completed during the WeDigBio weekend! More records ready to be transcribed have been added for those interested in continuing to volunteer click here.
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